Sunday, January 8, 2012

Korean Restaurant Yu Hee Jeong in CEBU

FINALLY my blog is UP and running! i was so anxious on what topic should i post coz i havent decided on what my blog is all about..But since i came up with this awesome title STELLA'S CUP OF TEA. 

Cup of tea is an expression that is used to describe something you like,
something you are good at or something you enjoy doing

hence by the definition, From my previous blogsite titled  BITTER:SWEET majority of my posts were all about accessories and rantings which i find it quite boring, so this time im gonna make it "less" boring to you guys and be more interactive with my readers.

To start off im gonna start with the basic introduction..

My name is STELLA and im 27 years old. im not ashamed of my age as a matter of fact im proud of it.
I live in CEBU CITY. i graduated from the University of San Carlos Technological Center, A Bachelor of FINE ARTS major in ADVERTISING. I work on a full time company and lastly im an introvert. 

Anyweys, I first discovered this establishment " YU HEE JEONG KOREAN RESTAURANT " thru my boyfriend's resources and i was stunned when i noticed the prices on their menu are really affordable! so last week january 5 i invited one of my friend to try and dine at the resto in lahug.

Prices: 150-400up *very cheap*
Ambience: decent, not so crowded. clean and tidy
Food: So-so, side dishes tastes good too
Personal Favourite: Bibimbap and samgyupsal
Personal Overall: B- not what i expected for a korean restaurant but its worth the price
:) the staffs are very accommodating and friendly. will come back to taste more of their specialty.


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